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We stayed at the Andrassy Hotel.  This is a five star hotel originally constructed by the famous architect Alfred Hajos as a boarding house for the Jewish community.  After complete renovation, it is now a lovely hotel featuring spacious and warmly decorated rooms, beautifully flowered balconies and modern amenities.  It is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World.
The Blue(?) Danube Runs Through It
Buda on one side - Pest on the other
There are many old, beautiful buildings.  After World War II, the communists painted the buildings inside and out dark gray - even the stained glass!  The city is still in the process of restoration.
In the evening, we enjoyed a dinner cruise on the Danube with a traditional Folklore show.
On August 14, our driver, Laszlo Fisher (Anie's father), arrived at 9:00 a.m. to drive us to Prague.  On the way out of Budapest, we stopped at a large food market to buy a few things for the trip.  Also, Dick needed to change the money in his pocket from FORINTS to Kroners.
On August 13th, Anie Fisher, took us on a wonderful tour of the city.  She told us so much about its history and many personal stories about her life growing up during the Hungarian Revolution.  She laughed at Dick and politely declined his offer of a $250 tip.  He had just obtained Hungarian currency and had yet to figure out how much it was worth in US dollars. 
U.S. Embassy
  When the Soviets invaded Hungary in 1956, Cardinal Mindszenty was granted political asylum here.  He didn't leave the bulding for 15 years.  Anie told us that during his confinement, a Soviet guard was stationed outside in a car with the motor running day and night for the full 15 years.
We're on our way to Prague with a stop in Bratislava for lunch.
The trip to Prague took 10 hours with a couple periods of intense rain.
Dick, busy as a bee.
Laszlo navigated the cobblestone streets much faster than Dick & I could, and led us quickly to a spot for lunch.
Wonder what yummy dish they cook with chicken feet.
Force fed geese for pate de foie gras.
Steven Spielberg filmed the movie "Munich" in Budapest.