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We took the first leg of the World Cruise - 14 days. 
Many were signed on for the full trip - 106 days
Our bus tour took us to the beautiful
Fairmont Acapulco Princess Hotel where we had refreshments and were serenaded near the pool by a Mariachi Band.
We watched the cliff divers at La Quebrada.  They dive 130 ft. into 11 ft. of water which is safe only when a wave has just come in.  Most of them are in their teens or twenties, but we were told there was an eight year old girl who dives - but, she didn't appear this day.
This woman rowed the boat to shore from their larger boat which was anchored near our ship.  Looks like this guy takes things easy.
Huatulco is Mexico's newest resort located in the state of Oaxaca.  It is 300 miles southeast of Acapulco and 1000 miles due south of Houston, Texas.  On nine beautiful bays, the uncluttered beachfront and unaffected citizens reminds one of Acapulco about 30 years ago.  About 3,000 years ago, the majority of the area of Oaxaca's population was comprised of the peaceful Zapotec and Mixtec Indians, most of whom settled in the Oaxaca Valley.  The Aztecs conquered the area in the late 1400s, and when the Spanish arrived in 1521, the area was under the rule of Montezuma.  Spain's interest in the area was short lived due to the lack of gold and silver.  Indian culture still flourishes here, and these microcosms of earlier advanced civilizations bear witness to a devoutly religious people, knowledgeable in astronomy, highly literate and credited with developing a system of writing that may be the oldest in North America.
Homes with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean have been or are being built on the hillsides.  Loads of sand have been brought in to create beaches.  If it weren't so far from CA, it would be a beautiful place for a retired couple to buy property!...:-)
Guatemala emerged only ten years ago from a 36-year civil war, and the country still struggles with social stability.  Guatemala was once the center of the Mayan universe.  Things of interest to be seen here were a considerable distance from the ship, and since Dick & I do not have the energy to take long tours, we just visited the shopping area located at the port.  It's interesting to note that Guatemala has many volcanos.  One, the always smoking, sometimes erupting Vulcan Fuego last erupted December 27, 2005.
Colorful Quilt
Carved Wood Items
Guatemalan woman and her niece.  She said she travels an hour from home by bus everyday to sell her wares at the port.
Dick enjoyed bargaining with the vendors.
View from ship.
Dick on Guatemalan soil.
Collecting shells - the only time I set foot on a beach during the cruise.
No, I didn't buy it.
We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 21st.
(Dick has one also.)
An Equator Crossing Ceremony was held with King Neptune judging the  "Pollywogs" (those who haven't crossed the Equator before).  Thank goodness guests were not initiated - just a few of the staff. 
Dick & King Neptune's "wife"