My visit with Joyce was one of the very best times with her ever.  We had a lot of time alone, to practice on web page creation, and we had a chance to just talk about family, friends, and life.  She is feeling so good after her weight loss surgery and looks great, and now the report is in that her recent little procedure is fine and she is looking forward I am sure to getting home to her many activities....she is a busy girl.   She seems very well connected to all of the forest service people who were feeding her information about the storm and advising her what to advise me to do, and she likes her work so much; it is good to talk with her about it. 

Then, of course, there is the family, which I got to see a lot of on Friday night and even learned to put names to faces: 

Christina, Becky, Darren, Daniel, David and Dallin, who go with Judy and Darren Sr. 

Then there was Luke, Charlene, Ricky and Sydnee who go with Jennifer and Brent. 

John and Joyce hosted a Famly Night, which involved telling stories, about each of our favorite Christmas’

(I picked the one where Joseph and I got Army
Helmets, in about 1944, and went outside to practice war by throwing dirt clods at one another...fortunately, no one was hurt.  I also remember another Christmas, when we got an electric train.  It was a magical little instrument and I think I may buy another one in the future, just for the fun of it, although I understand that they are very expensive fun....better travel first...:-)

Joyce had some of the children lead us in little games, and then we sang some Christmas songs, and I found myself just relaxing in the whole atmosphere and
enjoying it a lot.  When we played Hokey Pokey, I did not feel old, just inept...:-)

Then, we had a good old-fashioned meal, just like grandma used to make....taco's!  :-)  I loved them, and they were there by my request, and Judy pointed
out to me that the tomatoes were very special items indeed...she brought them
for $1.49 a POUND.:-).  We visited well into the evening before everyone picked up and went home...and then as the door closed, Joyce says, “well, that was really fun...and now......whew, we are alone and it is quiet again...:-) 

Next morning, John was nice enough to share his scrapbook about his time in Vietnnam with me, and I found it extremely interesting to see where he served, the kind of responsibilities he had and the clear risks that all of his group took every day that they were clearing enemy held jungle with their bulldozers and such. 

A bit later, he was so thoughtful as to take the chains off of my tires, and I left them with him and said,”sell them if you can...I don’t expect to be needing them for this rental car.”  So I hope that someone can use them. 

I drove to Reno about 3:00 and was truly taken by the scenery leaving Susanville.  It is rugged on the right and so gentle on the left (east), and then the lake and the surrounding ground begs for photos. 

I took several, but made the mistake in most of trying to focus on very distant places, and that distorted the close up you only get one look...:-)  (Isn’t that a song too,  “Just One Look”  Linda Ronstadt, I think.)

This picture is of Honey Lake, located half way between Susanville and is only 4 feet deep.

Off to Mary Ann's and then to Amsterdam....
Visiting Joyce's Home
Jennifer's Charlene
Judy's Dallin
Judy's Darren and Jennifer's Luke play Playstation
Part of the family waiting for Family Home Evening to begin!
Dick and family doing the Hokey Pokey!
Eating Tacos!!!
Jennifer's Sydnee
Sharing time...
Goodbye Joycie and Dickie!
Papa John entertains Dallin with his harmonica
Dick and family doing the Hokey Pokey!