August 10-26, 2005
We arrived at the Crystal Symphony in Stockholm Friday evening, August 12, and due to delayed flights and bad weather in Amsterdam, our luggage did not.  Dick awoke Saturday morning with abdominal pains which we thought was due to something he ate on the plane but were concerned enough to call the ship's doctor who, along with his nurse, made a "house call" to our stateroom.  Since Dick didn't feel well enough to go on our scheduled tour of some Stockholm sights, he insisted that I go alone while he stayed in bed.  When I returned that afternoon, he was having severe pain and chills, and a follow-up blood test showed the beginning of an infection; so antibiotics were started by IV in the Doctor's office.  Medication to ease the pain and nausea made him feel much better, and we returned to our stateroom as the ship began to sail from Stockholm to Helsinki.  He had a restful night.
Dick's Room in Helsinki
Linda's Room in Helsinki
Dick recovered in the hospital for three days, and when I wasn't visiting with him, I was walking around my "neighorhood" shopping and taking pictures, or in my hotel room doing my laundry because


There was a large group of people on the cruise who had not received their luggage because of a British Airways strike in London.  The Consierge on the ship worked diligently to locate the missing luggage, and told me that he expected most of it to show up when they arrived in Tallin, Estonia, and he would forward ours to my hotel.  Dick's arrived on Tuesday  (which he didn't need because he was in the hospital), and mine arrived on Wednesday.
(Still daylight at 10:00 p.m.)
The Palace
Sidewalk Cafe
Sidewalk Urinal
Alley or Street?
Street in Old Town Filled With Tourists
Unusual Sclupture - A Nose & Hand
(Don't Know the Meaning)
Another Sidewalk Cafe
Tea & Toast for Sick Dick
Sunday morning Dick went back to the Doctor's office for another round of antibiotics and a blood test which showed an alarming increase in infection. The doctor felt there needed to be further tests - mainly a CAT Scan, and since he didn't have the authority to request such a test onshore, a young man working for the Port Authority drove us to to see a doctor in Helsinki, to the emergency room at the Meilahti Hospital (a university hospital) where he waited with us for a diagnosis.  The CAT Scan showed that Dick had a perforated appendix and peritonitis!  Our escort drove me back to the ship so I could pack and disembark, then took me back to the hospital.  This was no easy task for him because this was the week of the World Track & Field Championships, and they were running a marathon Sunday afternoon; so, many of the streets were blocked off with police and military standing guard.  He was a wonderful young man who was born in Russia, grew up in Helsinki and was about to begin college in London.   Dick had surgery just after midnight that night, and I set up residence in the Hilton Hotel (which was eight to nine Euros by taxi from the hospital).
Walking the hall in his hospital clogs.
First meal - Squash Soup and Cream of Wheat
His Favorite Meal - Pasta & Fish.
Self-serve pajama rack on way to showers.
Keep your hands clean.  Patients & visitors alike are to sanitize hands when coming into the Surgery Ward.
Pharmacy where I took his prescriptions.
Scandic Continental Hotel (Hilton) on
Mannerheimintie/Mannerheimvagen St.
(Signs are shown in two languages -
Finnish & Swedish.)
Proof for Insurance Company
Purchases from the small grocery store where no English was spoken.  Nice to have pictures on some items.
Made it up to the 9th Floor to check out computer.
View from 9th Floor
We began taking short walks outside.  On Sunday Dick was able to walk the three blocks from our hotel to the Olympic Stadium where the 1952 Summer Olympics were held.  The 2005 World Championships were held there the previous week, so we weren't allowed to go inside the stadium as they were still clearing out all the equipment.  I went to the top of the tower and took some pictures.
Two of Dick's Nurses