(Linda's Version)

Going Under the Golden Gate Bridge
We haven't left the harbor yet Dick!
Crystal Harmony - Our Home for 12 Days
Dining Room
Our Room
Palm Court
There was also a Casino (no picture), and a very lucky couple who kept winning on the dollar slot machines.  Each time they won a jackpot, their picture was taken and posted on the wall - and the last I heard, they had won a total of $14,000!   Several people thought that I was the woman who was the big winner, and stopped to congratulate me - I didn't think I looked that much like her, but we did have similar hair styles.
Our Dinner Buddies at Table 18
The food was delicious and the service excellent.  We usually ate breakfast at the buffet and lunch at the Grill.   I especially enjoyed the dinners where I got to eat lobster, shrimp & crab - also ate caviar for the first time (yuk!).  And, of course, there was always a new dessert to try out.
There were several beautifully decorated buffets.
There were several families aboard.  To us, the children seemed very well behaved, and it was fun to see some of them all dressed up for dinner on the formal nights - even tuxes for the little boys!  But, it was evident that some of the Mothers didn't think that having the children along on a cruise was very restful.  One commented to me in the elevator that this was her first and last cruise with her children! 
A blind couple and their seeing-eye dog were on the cruise.  What a wonderful way for them to have a safe, carefree vacation!
Snapshots From My Camera
Enjoying the Lido Lounge
Computer Lab
Waiting for folks at home to see us.
Humpback Whale Sighting
Killer Whale (Orca) Sighting
We took a seaplane ride in Sitka, AK
Dick was the co-pilot.
We flew over Mt. Edgecomb,
a volcano which erupted 6,000 years ago.
People had been flown into this lake to camp.  Our pilot didn't wan't to fly too close and interrupt their solitude.  We couldn't even see them!
Waterfall & Fish in Butchart Gardens, Victoria, B.C.
Prospect Point, Vancouver, B.C.
A tour of the ships' Galley.
We saw a lot of totem poles.
Vancouver was holding its annual fireworks extravaganza called "Celebration of Light", and we were there for the finale by China, Sweden and Spain.  The Captain anchored away from the port so that we would have a clear view of the show.  The fireworks were shot off over the water and it was quite a show, but I had a difficult time getting good pictures.
Docked in Ketchikan, AK
Ketchikan has a lot of "stair streets".  Residents have to park their cars below and walk up the stairs to their houses carrying their groceries or whatever.  Just moving in must be quite a chore!
Fifties Night
Pete Fischel & Dick
Mendenhall Glacier
Our tour of Victoria took us by a house which Tom Sellek had just sold.  (Darn! I didn't get a picture.)  The tour guide told us that the house had sold for about six million dollars.  He mentioned that there were several celebrities living in Victoria because their lives are more private there than in the United States.  They aren't bothered by fans or the media and are free to move about the city without any interference.
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